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Another good episode guys.

Glad to hear that Ashlann has been bitten by the, oh so contagious, TF2 bug!

You mentioned achievements.....they are pretty addictive, but I find that I am someone who doesn't necessarily go "out of their way" to get achievements, just tend to pick up the ones that roll in as I play.......Having said that though, I really do think the better designed achievements do add something to a game, namely an encouragement to explore different play-styles. (The one Ash mentioned is a prime example.....I probably would have stuck with the flamethrower/shotgun combination as Pyro if it wasn't for an achievement requiring the use of the flare gun.....after playing with it for a while I found it to be more effective than I had assumed and can now happily pick and choose between the two as the need arises.)

Keep up the good work,

P.S. I ended up getting that job, so and (More money......but lots less gaming time!)

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