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Default [Borderlands] Dear Santa; all I want for X-mas...

I guess I'm looking for a Masher but with an elemental type.

To illustrate A Masher is a Revolver with a x7. A most useful tool for gunslingers. (extra crit and double bullets FTW) I've got an Atlas made one at the moment and I have found another with more damage. Thing was I was disappointed by it because it only held 2 rounds.

So for the wish list I would say.
Atlas made but closer to 50 than 40 x7. or better. because Atlas have power and accuracy without compromised rates or clips.
Maliwan as long as it's still got a good clip.Because Maliwan only do elemental types.
An S&S would be cool as they all have extended clips and may have elements.

Just so long as it's still an improvement on power.

I've been good this year, and I hope you get my letter.

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