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Originally Posted by Mighty Brush View Post
It's mostly that the executives buy the crap spurted by the DRM company salesmen - who walk into the meeting, drop statistics about how they've lost eleventy billion dollars because every pirate copy is 2.3 lost sales (average household size x downloads). DRM product XYZ costs only $1mil and will get you back 90% of those downloads!*

*this is complete bullshit but it sounds good to executives.
I really do not understand the logic in paying good money for copy protection. It's a waste of time, money and resources implementing DRM. Especially since it is bypassed by numerous cracking groups within hours of being released.

The software companies that keep on falling into the hole they dug really need a good clip across the ear over this. All they are doing is creating a wider relations gap between their customers. The thieves just sit back, and happily play the game....

One prime example is a 4x Space Trader that had nothing but a serial (Can't remember the game). The game was selling massive amounts of copies because all they did was get you to use your cd-key to access constant free downloads on their site. Such a simple thing generated tons of sales upon it's release.

Anyways. As for Dr Ned, they can bugger off! I have no particular interest atm, and can't afford it.
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