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Harry, we know it's bullshit, the DRM people know it's bullshit, the game developers know it's bullshit, but the publishers are lapping it up. The DRM people just say something like (numbers made up) "We estimate your last game was pirated 500,000 times - with an average margin of $10 per retail sale, you lost 5,000,000. We can reduce that loss to just 1,000,000 and it will only cost you 1,000,000 - that means you save 3 mil!". About 10 seconds after that they've got signed contracts.

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Now I don't have a problem with reasonable DRM (even some implementations of SecureROM), hey I'm using steam so it would be hypocritical to complain about all DRM. But install limits I will not abide.
Steam DRM is about the only kind of DRM that I find acceptable. And there is a single reason for that; they offer me a service in return.

Steam will provide me access to download my games as long as their servers are alive - this means I don't have to worry about finding disks (impossible for me) and can delete/download stuff without worrying if I can still find the box.

While I would prefer that Steam operated like GOG and just let me download stuff DRM free, the small layer of encryption and an extra authentication is a price I'm willing to pay since it's not invasive.

SecuROM, Starforce etc are far too invasive, and far, far too limiting for me to ever consider a title that uses it.
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