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Post Game Industry News Links

Hi Guys,

Sorta like I did with the sub-forum message board of "The World Around Us" within the Lounge section of TOG.

I'll list a dozen or so game industry news sites by links. Where additional users can post those they also find of interest to this topic. (Up to the Admins to sticky the thread)

1) Gama Sutra
Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games

2) Game - games industry news, features, and jobs.

3) joystiq

4) MCV (UK Based)
Games Industry | News, interviews and opinions | MCV

5) EDGE (Formerly
Edge Magazine - Video Games, Game News, and Gaming Jobs | Edge Online

6) Massively

7) develop
Develop I Read the latest news in game development

8 ) Game Daily
Video Games, Video Game Cheats & Free Downloads

9) Game Culture
GameCulture News | Game Culture

10) Game Politics
GamePolitics News | GamePolitics

11) Terra Nova (Game Developers Blog site)
Terra Nova

12) Kotaku
Kotaku Australia, the Gamer's Guide | Computer and video game news and reviews

Those are the preliminary bakers dozen I'll list. Some of which may already be on the TOG news feed on our home page.
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