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Default Episode 13 - Detailed content

Recorded: Thursday, November 19th 2009

Episode 13: Get it on iTunes now!

In This Episode:
  • Recent Game Play and demos
  • The Big Figures behind CoD:MW2
  • A great listener question from Ned: What games were me most excited about?
  • We talk about our dream jobs in the gaming industry: what positions would we aspire to?

Direct Link:

Download here (38M mp3 - Right Click, Save As - PC)


Thank you Ned for your questions!

Guitar in first break:
"As Warm As Tears" written by Phil Keaggy
Arranged and performed by Ashlann

Guitar in second break written and performed by Ashlann.

Notes from Father and Ashlann

We'd like to again encourage all our listeners to send in their feedback to us on our email address:

Feel free to send in audio questions for us to play on future casts as well


Ashlann & Father

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