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Default Review Template

Not mandatory for using when reviewing of course, but this can be helpful in making sure the basics have been covered and keeping things in a consistent and slightly less confusing format!

Name: The Game
Homepage: link to games homepage (this could be combined with the game name above by using the game name as the anchor for the link).
Genre: Sci-fi/Modern/Historical/Fantasy
Combat Style: Button mashing/Auto-attack/Auto-attack with abilities/etc
Learning Curve: Complex/balanced/simple
Crafting: Complex/balanced/simple/non
PVP: Forced/encouraged/voluntary/non
Role-Playing: Forced/encouraged/voluntary
Leveling style: Level based (as in WOW), Skill based (as in Ultima Online), Mixed class based (for want of a better term, I'm thinking as in early days SWG)
Server Pop: Very heavy (problems joining), heavy, moderate, light, very light (hard to find other players)
Stability: Server Lag, Glitches, Crashes.

Immersion: 5/10
Graphic Quality: 5/10
Sound Quality: 5/10
Content Quality: 5/10
Overall Rating: 5/10

Brief Description: This is a game...

Other Comments: It is good...

Payment options: Completely free/pay for enhancements.
Download Size: No dl.
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