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Default Merry Christmas TOGers!

Well it's Christmas Eve, and the frantic family fun is about to begin.

The Jolly Fat dude with the sweat shop of elves, the turbo charged gravity defying beasts of burden and the gaudy red jump suit is making his final preparations for his epic flight.

He has received all the reports from his spy network and reviewed the Intel ... twice. He now has confirmation about which of you have been naughty, which of you have been nice and how to break into your homes in the quickest way possible.

So make sure you leave out some of your tastiest cookies and a glass of milk (actually make that whisky) because if you don't he may not leave the presents you asked for ... (Well it is a damn long flight with no "pit stops" and ... I never did like the idea of putting up a tree inside the house! )

From the Mongrel family to you and yours, we wish all of you a very merry, safe and fun filled Christmas!

We have our paws crossed that you get all the gaming goodies you put on your wish list!


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