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Talking Custom Achievement unlocks

For those of you who prefer gamer points over coloured trophies, that little ding sound you hear when you have unlocked a game achievement is like sweet music to your ears.

I came across this site that allows you to create your own achievement unlock messages.

Such as:


Ok we are looking for the funniest / most clever Achievement unlock.

To post your created image here once created, right click on the created image and select copy image url.

Than on your post here select the little yellow button with the mountain and the sun in it located on the message tool bar. Paste the URL link and it should appear in your post

2 x 1 months worth of XBL subscription will be awarded to the best examples. If you don't own an XBOX What's wrong with you? ... ummm ... I mean ... please still feel free to submit an entry. I will find something for you as a prize. (I am heading to game today so will have a look)

(Maybe an "I'm sorry you don't own an XBOX 360" condolence card? )

Nothing like starting the new year with a flame war is there

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