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Honestly, I can't imagine not having both consoles. I absolutely loved Uncharted and Demon's Souls... but then again Mass Effect is an amazing game and I can't wait for Mass Effect 2.

Both my Xbox and PS3 pick up my wife's Alienware as a Media Center without any issues or prior configuration and each can play a good variety of audio and video formats. PS3 does have the whole blu-ray thing going on but I haven't watched a DVD in ages (I really only watches movies in theaters).

I do not feel that XBOX Live is necessarily superior to PSN. I never have trouble finding players for games on either system (though honestly I only play FPS's on the XBOX other than exclusives like KZ2). XBL Gold costs money but it's only $25-$50 a year so it's more or less negligible.

I tend to get all my shooters on the XBOX and all my action-adventure games on the PS3, largely due to controller design. Hardware-wise the systems are pretty well matched but in my opinion, PS3-exclusives (Uncharted 2, MGS4 & KZ2 being particularly good examples) are the nicest looking games you can find. When it comes to multi-platform games it really depends on which console the game was developed for natively and which is the port (check out Bayonetta for a rather striking example of this).

In the end, I'd say your decision should come down to what types of games you primarily play and whose exclusives excite you more. If you're craving predominantly online FPS action then the XBOX would be my system of choice. If games like Uncharted are more to your liking, then the PS3 is the way to go.

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