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Originally Posted by Thermal Ions View Post
do the kills in the arena count towards (a) challenges and (b) proficiency. I've seen mixed reports, some saying no, some saying yes.

And where is the bank accessible from, only outside the arena, or in the major towns also?
Kills count toward challenges - yes.

Kills count toward proficiency - haven't seriously checked, but I don't think so (also recall hearing Gearbox devs indicate that this is deliberate otherwise you'd power-level so fast).

The bank is accessible only from The Underdome, the lobby for the three arenas. You fast-travel to it just as you would to Jakob's Cove.

Originally Posted by Firebrand View Post
I paid close to a 100 million for level 10 storage. Some forty -odd slots.
More like $9.9 million.
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