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see many of the elite stat whores like me love games like CoD simply because gettign good stats doesnt require the rest of the team to be good. cuz you gotta admit, on team work based games, it really depends on how good your teammate are, if you get stuck with noobs (which the majority of online players are) then you're gonna lose, whereas on MW2, i get a 25 kill streak, nuke, win.

suppose its just the fact that i am a hardcore gamer geek so these sorts of games have alway given me a huge advantage.

and yeah, seeing as this is a bf thread, no more MW talk =]

i like BF series too, because its the only series where vehicles are done properly!! i loved BC1 before i got over it, my highest mp FPS kill streak ever came from that with a 100+ streak in the mercenary heavy chopper! god that thing was insanely overpowered.

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