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mmm OS chat!

Like Ashlann I'll also be getting Windows 7 soon and have bypassed Windows Vista. I too read enough forums to know what's best for my gaming I'll get a dual-boot setup with Win XP Pro for the games and software that don't like Win 7. I'm due for a format so sometime very soon I think!

Stef said no one remembers Win ME is a positive way. I do! I think I'm the only one in the world who NEVER had an issue with it. It ran all my games and software flawlessly. The only reason I went to Win XP was because I wanted to use more than 512MB of RAM and Win ME couldn't do that.


I have nothing pirated on any of my Computers. Pirates are the ones to blame for the invasive anti-piracy systems out there. I myself have never had an issue with any of them but I know many honest gamers who have. Don't get angry and the anti-piracy systems or the game publishers, it's the fault of the pirates. If people didn't steal software I wouldn't even be writing this.... I don't know how some of the anti-piracy setups are even legal the way they refuse installation of a game because you have certain other software installed eg. emulators. I agree with Stef, we ALL get treated like criminals and stuffed around accordingly.

Even though piracy is wide-spread not all publishers go with copy protection measures.


We've always liked how Gas Powered Games handles piracy concerns. Basically they figure that someone will always manage to crack offline play, so why bother to secure it? For example, Supreme Commander can be installed on numerous PCs and they can all participate in a LAN game. Obviously online play needs a unique key. At the end of the day, this doesn't really cut into sales, as not many people would be shelling out cash for offline play only. In fact, making the game easy to try out means that more gamers will be hooked and buy their own copy. The Demigod online distributor Stardock is also known for a lenient stance on piracy, and ships Demigod with no copy protection.
SOURCE: PC PowerPlay article, issue #167, DEMIGOD. Page 57

I'd been looking for an RTS to test run and when I read that article I chose Demigod for two reasons. The game itself sounded good and I wanted to support distributors like those listed financially.

Sometimes games once they get to a certain age have some or all of the copy protection removed via patches which is great. Some games where this has happened is Doom 3, Prey and Far Cry 2.

One more note from me on piracy. One of the biggest advantages to NOT doing it is you get all updates including security patches drama-free. Also NOT pirating gives the developers more money and therefore more incentive to make bigger and better games. Common sense really but many noobs just don't see it.

Soooo, the next time you start raging at systems like StarForce and SecuROM because you're having issues with them, note that YOU have just become another victim of piracy.


Addiction by definition is associated with a lack of control and because of this lack of control 'addiction' often is accompanied with problems because of it. I know plenty of gamers who are passionate and devoted to gaming and are having no problems with this. Addicted? No, not in my opinion. Are you addicted because your partner says you are? No, not necessarily (but maybe yes!).

I just think the word Addiction and what most people associate with it is used out of context with regards to gaming. The first thing most people think of when they hear the word Addict is a drug user with big problems.

Like Stef I don't think I'm addicted to gaming and I'm also guilty of bouts of binge-gaming I binge-gamed a lot when Enemy Territory Quake Wars was released. I was the second person in the world to get their Field-Ops Wreath and would have been the first but I had 19 days offline due to a motherboard failure. I also once played for 13.5 hours straight and got a highest Field-Op XP in the world for that particular 24 hours period. I got that twice actually lol. Is it obvious I was single with no kids??

Some of the stories I've heard about addiction and the MMO genre of gaming frightens me. People losing partners and jobs etc over a game! Although saying that I do know a TOG member who's come close to a divorce more than once due to a TOG forum addiction

I've never tried an MMO and it's on my to-do list so I guess I'll wait and see if I become a victim!

Ashlann summed it up perfectly.
It's all about 'Balance' and 'Responsibilities'.


Stef mentioned the Planetside 2 rumours.. public forum discussion thread here..
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Thanks for an excellent Podcast
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