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Default 2010 Console Consortium Member list

Welcome to the TOG Console Consortium member list for 2010.

This year looks very promising for the console community with many exciting titles, and even new peripherals, slated to come out over the next twelve months.

The only thing better than the latest and greatest games, is playing those games with friends and like minded gamers.

This year we will be doing the member lists a little differently to help gamers find other players that have simular interests.

There will be a master membership list (this one) and, listed in the Games Talk area, a member list for each multiplayer game title that there is an active TOG user base.

For those new to the Console Consortium, some introductions are in order.

Each major gaming console has a Squad Leader. These guys are the first point of contact if you want to start a clan or player group for a title on that specific console.

While these guys are a fountain of information about console gaming, questions relating to games should be posted in the Games Talk area and those relating to hardware should be posted in the Hardware talk area.

This will get you more info from a broad range of knowledgeable members (oh and not swamp our poor Squad Leaders ).

So without further ado let’s meet your Squad Leaders;

Playstation 3 (Including PS2 and PsP)Ancient_One
Nintendo Wii (Including the DS & DSi)Kiz
XBOX 360Fall-Of-Enosis

Before we get to the main member list, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge members, past and present, that helped make the TOG Console Consortium what it is today.

On behalf of all the members of the Console Consortium, the squad leaders and I would like to thank the following players for their past efforts and continued input.

  • George – Retired Division Captain. “We would still be at the bottom of the list without your work mate!”
  • Click – Retired PS3 Squad Leader, creator of the PS3 hardware users guide and driving force behind many game specific groups (E.g. Burnout Paradise PS3).
  • Arep – XBOX 360 Journalist for the TOG home page.
  • Cadder – Created many graphics for our forum and its members.
  • Incise – Creator of the original member lists.
  • Unearthly Watch – Far Cry 2 (XBOX 360) host and map maker. (The best I have ever played on!)
  • Oldskool – Tiger Woods 2009 (XBOX 360) Competition Organizer.

With out you guys, there would be no Console Consortium … Thank you!

To get your gamer details added to the member list, please post on this thread in the following format (It’s easier if you just cut and paste the form ):

Region of the world I live in:
My Playstation PSN ID:
My Wii Code:

This is the info we who maintain the list need.

The following is not required, but helps give other players an idea of the kind of gamer you are. (Again cut and paste the form … it’s easier )

Preferred game genre: (E.g. FPS, Racing, fighting, platform, etc.)
Gaming style: (E.g. Casual, Competitive, hardcore, etc.)
Favourite game of all time:
Least Favourite game of all time:
If I could be a video game character I would be:
The screen I play my console games on is a:

NOTE: Please be aware that this list is in a public forum. Any information given here will be seen by visitors to the TOG forums as well as TOG members.


Region of the world I live in: Brisbane, Australia
My Playstation PSN ID: Mongrel_56
My XBOX XBL Tag: Pure Mongrel
My Wii Code: 8483 7863 6795 2458
Preferred game genre: FPS, Racing, RPG
Gaming style: Casual (well maybe a bit Competitive )
Favourite game of all time: Mass Effect (Until No. 2 comes out I am guessing)
Least Favourite game of all time: Sacred II
If I could be a video game character I would be: Sabrewulf from killer Instinct
The screen I play my console games on is a: 50 inch Samsung Plasma

Once you have posted your information, your will be added to the member list ASAP.

If you have any questions, please PM myself or any of the Squad Leaders.

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