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Ah the new list

I Live in the cold North, UK
My XBOX XBL Tag: TOG Incise

My Wii Code: 6629 1540 2478 4711
Game genre: FPS, Sport, trying keep away from RPG (time traps)
Gaming style: Casual except when pointing gun at you.
Favourite game of all time: World of Warcraft I guess, since I played it for 4+ years! Counterstrike would be second until hackers killed it.

Play on a 37 inch tv that wife walks in front of every 2 minutes!
360 Gamertag - INCISE - ESO Incise - GW2 Incise - WOW retired - Incise L85 Huntard - Incisse L85 Rogue - Evolx L85 Warrior - Exploitx L85 Mage - Horde - Deathwing

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