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Default SyFy/SciFi Channel's "One Earth" MMO

SyFy/SciFi Channel in conjunction with Trion have already revealed their plans to work an MMO title together, that appears to be named "One Earth." It has a singular angle in that there will be a concurrent television series airing along side of it. The show it seems, will evolve based on what players are doing in the game, and vice versa people who watch the show and then decide to hop in the game to try and make what they want will have an effect on the game. Its a curious proposition and I'm eager to hear more of it.

Judging from the interview footage it appears that the game may be a futuristic Sci-fi (no pun intended) themed trot about on an alien planet, with the appropriate ensemble of weird alien monsters to cause problems. Looks like there's also at least one sentient bipedal alien race which will likely provide the counterbalance for the human "heroes" in the show.

Source - Kotaku
Link above is a short article + video footage

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