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Default I'll join!

Hi Imfir, I just discovered this game by accident and signed up and got in to CBT#4 and...WOW! I only played once up to lvl 3 or 4 I think but the graphics are better than WoW and the SHIPS! We have to get a ship! I'll do anything to help get us a ship. That whole aspect is AMAZING and a long time coming I think.

I'm on server 2 but I'm on the "baddies" side, is that the League? their characters are just too cool looking, sorry. If that's not the right side do we have any members that are starting a TOG guild on that side?

I'm in STO Beta but...I keep coming back to this little gem.

"What do you MEAN "Flash Gordon" approaching?"
"On a Hawkman Rocket cycle"
"FLASH! ahHAAAAAAAAA! Saviour of the Universe!"
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