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HI Vandal
not sure which side is Baddies, I think one thinks the other is Bad

league has the Gibblings, and Empire has the Orcs
I think everyone is waiting till open beta, I know I will want to play both sides, so chances are there could be a guild for each faction.
I have characters on Both sides now, but spend 95% of my time just playing League

Starting now in CBT#4 be tough without hardcore leveling to reach the level to use the astral ships, and there is no word yet if any are going to have easy access to gaining the parts, I heard in the RU version (were it is Live) takes over a month of hard work to get everything needed to build the ship. I still don't know how many is needed to fly the ship I suspect a full team maybe.

Yeah I never played Wow, so I guess you could be right
I am sure your level 4, every one leaves the tutorial area as level 4, if you don't you start as lvl 1 again, and have to go through it all again.

I am guessing your Empire, Empire start on a ship that is being attacked.
yeah I wanna see what it will be like to be in a ship to ship battle, then bording the other ship, taking the loots and have a party
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