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Default A brief of my playing as a healer in Allods

well server is under it's weekly maintenance so thought I write something about my experience of playing a Kanian Healer on Sever 2

This is just the short version, also touching up on the Bug reports. I basically been keeping a personal log of my experience so later I could recall things to explain later, but some times I neglect doing the log

My life as a Healer from lvl 1-17 [short version]

I started out with plans to be a pure healer, but the heals were like “where are the heals” I thought I was doing everything right, . Well I was, just at low levels a pure healer just does not work well.
Later we lost our Tank for the party ( I was in a dedicated Party), and I am finding myself more in a soloing position, so I geared for better damage over being a better healer, but still working on the talents as a pure healer , I still plan to be a pure healer.
Now I can solo, great, but also I see I am getting back in parties again, and my heals lacked healing because I been neglecting my Luck(removed and NPC’d my Luck gear). Wow thanks guys, I switch and dump my healing gears, to be more DPS, and now I am being called for heals .. . just my luck, err lack of luck really hehe. At lvl 15, I decided to go back to being more a healer, so off came some of the gears and added some luck equipment. This was getting frustrating because the bag size is too small to carry a second set of equipment. I still am low on luck, and would feel better if it was higher but I can now keep others healed, but my soloing ability was lowered to just mobs my level maybe a 1 level up

So to the point I have reached with the healer, I can safely say, I know what I will be playing once Open Beta Starts. Healers are fun to play, you can do great DPS too, but in that type of build you have weak heals.
So playing a healer you can hit hard, kinda heal, or heal Great and kinda hit, you can’t have both at the same time [sigh] too bad and I guess a good thing or they would be considered an over powered Class

oh and one last thing, if your the healer, make sure you have lots of Myrrh, to get back to your party, or they be without a healer for a while and you're left smoking in Hell

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