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Well I do not read the forums on the EU Version, that is why I said "I heard that in", it could be just nasty rumors being spread on the NA forums.
I can see a wipe being done after CB, but not after OB.
But, from my experience, any testing I have done on games, the developers gave free in-game money or gears to be tested, to help better test. There has been nothing of that Sort in Allods close Beta Testing at all. Not sure if I said it here before, but these CBT's that Allods been doing, all look like open beta test with limited players, or those willing to get a Beta key. So there really should be no Wipes at all, everyone has had to build and play the game as if it was live any ways, with out any bonuses or perks or free coins.

There is still a lot of bugs to be fixed before OB, but I suspect they going to start OB sooner then they should, If they plan to do a wipe after CBT, there just has not been enough high level testing done yet.
Guess we'll see what happens this following week on the NA version
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