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Yea, I think I am becoming addicted

I take my time and search all areas... Not completely sure I like the respawn times, as I tend to get slowed down by having to kill the same area in one trip... That is no big deal at all though, just added exp...

I am to level 17 now. I need to upgrade my guns...

It seems that the vending machine guns are level appropriate to where the vending machine is... so I guess I need to find the machine that has the highest level guns in it for level 17.

Also, as for travel... Am I missing something? Sometimes I feel like when I finish a quest a far ways away, there should be a quicker way to get back to camp or turn in. Especially when mobs have respawned..

Thanks for all the input here, I am enjoying my first FPS with Borderlands...

To bed now..will check this in the morn.

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