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It seems that the vending machine guns are level appropriate to where the vending machine is... so I guess I need to find the machine that has the highest level guns in it for level 17.
Something like that, yeah - it's definitely the case for playthrough 1, can't remember if it's the same for playthrough 2 though; by playthrough 2.5, all the vending machines are set to your level so you can find a level 50 weapon just as easily in Fyrestone as you could at locations much later in the game.

Originally Posted by dday_0612 View Post
Also, as for travel... Am I missing something? Sometimes I feel like when I finish a quest a far ways away, there should be a quicker way to get back to camp or turn in. Especially when mobs have respawned..
In some ways, the quests are deliberately "all over the place" to "encourage" you to explore areas rather than just take the quickest/shortest path to glory; it means you have to use your map to find the nearest vehicle station more often to make travel quicker.

Once you leave Fyrestone and enter the Dahl Headlands, one of the quests will enable the "fast transit" (or whatever it's called) system - this will make travel between various points on Pandora akin to taking a Star Trek teleporter; it doesn't remove walking/driving completely, but it does speed-up travel quite considerably as you're travelling long distances completing quests.
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