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Originally Posted by Thermal Ions View Post
I'm more pleased that they've supposedly fixed the shadow glitches, although the networking stuff means I can put off working out how to forward ports on my new modem.
Haven't had a single shadow glitch since the update - fingers crossed.

Ran some tests last night, this patch appears to have fixed most (if not all) of the complaints regarding network/on-line play with Borderlands for PC - no further need to open up firewalls, do port forwarding, can now mix LAN and WAN players in the same game, etc. Happy times!

Originally Posted by Snott View Post
I'll just buy from steam from now on, none of those will download for me.
Something must be amiss at your end as I just double-checked and can definitely download from the Gearbox site... tried RMB plus "save link as" (or it's equiv in your browser) rather than just clicking on the link?
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