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Default [Borderlands] More thoughts and questions

Hey all,

I am still going strong and enjoying myself with Borderlands. I had a few questions that came up in my gameplay.

What is the difference between a yellow and gold item? I looted 2 sniper guns that were very similar in stats. One of them began with a number/letter code type number. The other one did not. The colors of these weapons was a bit different. One was yellow and the other one was gold, or darker yellow.

Also, I am a completionist and I can't help but do every single quest. Because of this, I usually finish all the quests when they are "trivial". Does this make a difference?? It seems that I still get the same rewards either way. I am not worried about this, but I wondered if the reward gets smaller if the quest is trivial. I am level 25 and have completed only about 5 quests in New Haven.

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