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Talking Saints to win the Super Bowl!

In only a few hours time this years Super Bowl will kick off and the Indianapolis Colts will do battle with the New Orleans Saints.

Now as a die hard Giants fan I would not normally give a rats who won as long as it is a good game, but this year it is different.

While my quarterbacks brother is in the Super Bowl leading the Colts, I have thrown my support behind the Saints. (Speaking of which, how proud must Ma and Pa Manning be?)

Even though they stole Jeremy Shockey (my favourite Ex-Giants Tight End) the Saints have been the heart an soul of New Orleans since the devastating floods and lord knows that town could do with a win.

Add to that, I love the food in New Orleans and the Saints have Cheerleaders (Why does neither New York Team have cheerleaders? How can you have a football team with no cheerleaders? ), I will be cheering for a Saints victory!

Who are you going for?
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