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The first time through i didn't complete all the quests as i found that there were parts or pieces that i couldn't find, but this second time through i'm figuring it out, finding all pieces, etc. As for weapons i usually go by the stats on them and don't really worry about the colour. One thing i have found is that a person should keep checking the weapons vending machines, i have found some very nice weapons for sale (love the fire elemental weapons, especially in sniper rifles, love hearing them burn to death, sick i know).
I could not agree more with you. Ever since I found a gold fire elemental sniper that game has become amazing! The guys that used to take 3 to 4 sniper shots to go down, are now only taking 1 and are burning to death also!! I am also noticing that sometimes my gun hurts other mobs near the one I shoot. This gun is awesome!!!
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