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Default Will be here a bit more....

I have always lurked around.

But will more than likely be here a bit more as I just upgraded the PS2 to a PS3 so the lad could play IL2.

Just got it all set up this afternoon and got a joystick for him so he could look like me when he plays. I have a full on setup on the PC for IL2 and he wanted the same.

Have been watching my 7YO get into the game. I will do a review once I get the chance to play it. It will be interesting to compare between the two versions.

So if anyone can give me some suggestions as to good games for a lad (as well as for his old man) it would be welcomed.

For him violence is a no no.

We also have an old PS2 compatible FF steering wheel (USB) that I am hoping will work with the PS3.

Cheers, Ulric.

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