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Anyone else excited for this game? I know it's sort of a niche title, and despite many positive reviews and lots of innovation I don't think it will sell too well.

Anyway, it's by the team who made Indigo Prophecy (called Fahrenheit in the US I think) which was brilliant until the story went to crap in the 2nd half.

For those who haven't played Indigo Prophecy, it was sort of a take on the old point n click adventure genre, but amped up the interaction. Very story heavy and players actions throughout would affect the ending.

Heavy Rain is the same sort of thing, more of an interactive film with many outcomes rather than a game in the traditional sense.

I know it's certainly not to everyone's taste but I'm really looking forward to it, and think it will definitely be worth renting for anyone who's looking for a game with a great engaging story and plenty of replayability.

Because it differs so much from other games it's a bit tricky to describe, but the gametrailers review is a good depiction of what to expect.

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