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My Thoughts on mag so far.

What I like
- It can really be a great game especially with friends working together.
- Weapons look and feel great
- Love the tactical game play not just run and gun
- Leveling and the way you gain xp is really done well

What I don't like
- Lag - The game runs really smooth BUT if you watch carefully you can tell there is lag there. Having said that the game is still really playable.
- Not being able to have a player in each group from the start (on the same account)
- Also I think the side are a bit unbalanced equipment wise
- Last one and may-be it's just me but sometimes I loose track of whats going on and what we are suppose to be attacking/defending

What I am looking forward to
- Level 60
- Leadership role
- Playing in other teams
- Getting in the bunker before A1
- Knifing as many Toggers as I can

Like A1 said last night the game is probably a major patch away from being really good.

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