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I was wondering why I couldn't get you into the clan. Haven't created a character yet. Have invited you a few times. leemako.

Once I get in game tonight I will search for your name and send you a Clan invite.

Anyone can create the group and then invite others to the group without having to be in the clan as well at the time. You do need to be in the same Faction though so start Raven or SVER but from memory I think Raven has a higher number of players at present so you should be able to team up with anyone anytime of the day/night in a group.

You will level quickly if your just starting out and choose to put your points into medic. We might need plenty of them tonight.

Keep the assault rifle, sniper rifle and panzer until you get higher in the levels. If you go the medic direction put points into:
Tier 1 - Medical Kit (2)
Tier 2 - Improved Healing (2)
Tier 3 - Improved Resuscitation (5)
This will require you to reach level 9 to get the last one.
When you get the Medical Kit set your character up to us this instead of the First Aid

I think level 9 is achievable in a short time if you run around behind us and keep us alive picking off enemies if they get to close or take us down.

Up until last night I thought that as a group we would be placed in the lowest level character game but from memory FunkyJ was level 7 and we were playing in Sabotage and Acquisition.

No matter where we end up it will be fun for sure.

Viva La Tog.

Oh I nearly forgot. Wife is a little tired and looking like going to bed early. I might be one form 8:30pm at the earliest.
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