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Default Anyone get HD video to stream in HD

Hey guys been beating my head against the wall on this one. I have the 360 and cant seem to get HD video to stream.

Im not really into video formats but I have tried

( Guides: Convert MKV to MP4 for Xbox 360 (Easiest Method) ) which is an encoder specifically for encoding HD for 360. FAILED twice with 2 different videos. worth noteing that the files for me took hours and hours to encode.

ive tried using 3 differnt Media servers

Windows media play 11 and 12

PlayOn fantastic hulu and youtube player for the 360 as well

TVersity - Home excellent transcoder but turns all the videos that the 360 doesnt know into MPEG 2 format which plays them but downgrades the signal to a regular DIVX look.

The only options Ive seen for this are hacks that can get you banned from Xbox live and not going to let that happen just to watch some pretty movies.

So now I sit hear head in hand thinking of building a PC just to stream HD videos ( wife would kill me if she knew. lol ) I know it sounds silly but I didnt think it would be this hard cause DIVX streaming was so easy and for some reason my OCD is focused on this tidbit of techno candy and I need to figure it out so I can move on to a new kind of crazy. lmao And i thought to myself why not tap into the TOG collective to see if anyone is already doing what I am losing hope in doing.

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