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Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
Originally Posted by Cadder View Post
all ps3:
Lego Indy
Lego Batman
Lego Starwars 1 (on PS2 - haven't quite repeated the completion of SW:complete on PS3)
Burnout Paradise (101% - reached platinum then they brought out a bunch of other trophies that you had to buy cars for)
Cadder which of these did you get Platinum Trophies for (excluding Burnout of course )
Sorry, PM. I didn't reply to this.

  • Lego Indy (original Adventures) I have 100%, but there are no trophies, so I can't prove it unless I take a screenie.
  • Presently playing Lego Indy 2. THAT at least has trophies
  • Lego Batman I'm at about 96% but this has no trophies either. I've only got one bonus level to complete.
  • Lego Star Wars complete, I'm only 60% or something (on the replay after completing 1 and nearly all of 2 on the PS2).
  • GTA4 I played to completion (story and side missions). THEN they brought out trophies on the PS3 and I wasn't impressed by the fact that they weren't retroactive, and I'd have to start again. Ergo, PSN only shows me at 12 trophies for GTA4 - but that's on the replay. I *think* I kept a save of the completed game. If so, I'll load it up and take a screenie.
If PSN is still offline tonight, I'll finish off Batman and take screenies of the ones I've mentioned if you want.

So the only one I have a platinum trophy that I can prove is BP.
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