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Exclamation Don't Use Your Old PS3/USB Update Firmware

As you maybe aware by now the PS3 older version consoles have been affected by a system clock issue which has had the effect of causing network and data errors.

It is advised not to use these consoles until a fix is created otherwise you run the risk of damaging any data residing on your consoles.

I would assume a Firmware update will be the fix so a timely reminder that the following procedure can be applied to install your Firmware update by USB connected device after downloading via your PC.

Please follow this guide.

PS3 Slim is not effected as of yet. (fingers crossed)

For the record I have both a slim and the original 60GB Aussie release which is affected.

System software updates can be found here.

I will post here once they come up with a fix in either case. They estimate a 24hr turn around at present.

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