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Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
Message from RAVEN Command Incoming ...

Message as follows:

Crisis averted! Unknown forces attempt to sabotage war efforts through use of mutated Y2K bug now contained.

Resumption of "negotiations through superior force" is now in effect. All RAVEN members are to return to the battlefields.

Lunatic Squad ... We have a special assignment for you .. double the pay, but double the risk ... Mission commences at 6.30pm QLD EST.

Acknowledge over ...
PM, you really live up to the Ravin' Lunatic nomenclature, don't you?

6:30's too early for me. I won't've chased the kids to bed until 8:00 (QLD time, 9:00 AESST).
But I'll be on ASAIC. Prob'ly around 8:30.
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