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Default SVER & VALOR ... AWOL?

Now that my PS3 and the Interwebs are friends again, I logged on to my Pure_Mongrel account to see what was doing with TOG| VALOR.

Well it is going to be a hard war to fight with only 2 members in the clan

We have lots and lots of players (many with multiple accounts) so what's doing with VALOR and SVER?

We have not heard any news / feedback from the SVER players (and there seems to be a fair few of you).

So what is the deal guys? Are you just so in awe of the might that is Lunatic squad that you have ducked for cover? (In case you are wondering, yes I am trying to provoke you into to posting on this thread and telling me to pull my head in .. at least then we will know you guys are still with us )

Ok so could the clan leaders please post here who they are and who else in the clan has invite powers please?

B.A.D.D.I.E as it is only me and you in TOG| Valor at the moment could you please give me some invite powers please?

Those with multiple accounts and toons in other factions, can you please update the player list?

Also SVER and VALOR need squad names. Any ideas?

How about VALOR Dictorians or SVER me timbers?

VALOR Bringers? (say it in a German accent )

SVER Weather Warning? .... Ok I will stop now

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