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We’re pleased to let all of you know that our updated item shop pricing is now live! We’ve made significant adjustments to many item categories, from perfumes and crystal chips to containers and the holy rune. These changes were made after significant analysis, review of the community feedback, and discussion with our developer. We’re confident that many of you will respond positively to the changes.

List of changes in the item shop:
Vial of Perfume reduced from 75gP to 25gP
Large Perfume Kit reduced from 1350gP to 300gP
Holy Rune reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Rough Dragon Hide Backpack reduced from 2000gP to 600gP
Small Deposit Box reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Small Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 250gP to 100gP
Medium Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 1200gP to 350gP
Potions reduced from 250gP to 200gP

I like what I see even with the FoD this still looks cheaper then a P2P. will be installing and playing casually again.

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