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Yeah, now $20 gives you more then 10 hours of no FoD, it’s what 60 something hours. A whole lot better.
I’ll be glad to see what they decide on ,on the larger Pack (Inventory Bag) I remember seeing 3 different sizes in the RU cash shop. Just cannot recall what the size difference was.
It may be a couple more months till I can spare $ for something that is just a pixel. Til then I have been doing the daily perfume quest, and playing the alts till I get a large stock pile.
$6 for an extra 6 slots , hmmm, looks like they going $1 a slot.

I know when I posted that, then logged in, the prices were still the same, still were till I went to bed. Then I wake up and see Elithawyn post, then logged in game, good to see you back there Elithawyn. and the price changes. I guess this explains the increase of players
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