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Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
As stated before there are no hard and fast rules. How is a 100% game any less of an achievement than a platinum trophy?
..because in some games (Burnout, for example,) 100% completion is only a gold trophy, counted toward the platinum.
Games like GTA that have a story and side missions, 100% completion of the story might only be a fraction of the "things to do" in the game.

I propose keeping a 5-pointer for a platinum trophy (since this is usually "do everything you can in a game") and 2 points for 100% in games that either don't HAVE trophies, OR 100% completion of the main story mode.

Potentially, (using GTA4 as an example) if you complete 100% of a story and get 2 points, then complete the side missions and other challenges at a later date, you should get +3 to make your total 5 for the platinum.
OR, just don't bother declaring that you've done 100% and get 5 points all at once for a platinum.

Lego Batman - 100%, no trophies. 2 Points.
GTA4 - story completion, 2 points.
GTA4 Platinum (which you have to complete the story PLUS a sh*tload of other stuff to achieve) - 5 points. (which includes the 2 points for story completion)
Wolfenstein - completion of all trophies, 2 points.
No platinum, no 5 points. Tough.
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