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Stef mentioned playing 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker...
18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker - truck simulation game
18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker on Steam

..and said couldn't really get into the game due to bland graphics.

That series has never been big in the graphics department but saying that I believe they're at an acceptable level for game immersion. This way the game can potentially hit a larger audience. I've played a couple of the games in the series over the years and found them fun to throw some hours into

Stef has completed Far Cry 2, Well Done! ... it's still on my to-play list

Dragon Age: Origin gets a mention. Being an RPG I don't know it or it's style and there's no demo. The trailers certainly look good and there's some news for Dragon Age 2 to look super hot.

Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood. I recently finished this one myself! Amazing immersion in the single-player with stunning large vistas. Two small complaints from me though. The graphics in the cut scenes should have been replaced by short movie style or even animated drawing style scenes like in the loadup screens (I think this has been mentioned in another podcast) and the crosshair helper annoyed me, that large circle in the middle of the screen surrounding the actual crosshair. With no menu option to remove this I made a small mod to do so. These are only minor complaints. The multiplayer is also good in this game with Techland releasing a dedicated server pack for it and excellent custom content (map) support. Ubisoft's buggy master servers can prevent anyone joining servers at times and give you false ping readings but when they're running OK plenty of fun can be had! I have a dedicated server set up for COJ: Bound in Blood. If anyone wants a run on it, let me know. I'm looking for a few to test out the 'Wild West Legends' game mode.
Wild West Legends - One of the teams has several objectives to complete; some can be completed in different ways, some are optional. The opposing team is trying to prevent completion of the objectives within the given time limit. Levels are strongly themed and based on real historical events.


Stef, you mentioned that with Bad Company 2 you thought they may have just jumped-on-the-bandwagon and provided this game for PC players only after the CoD: Modern Warfare 2 mess (the first Bad Company being console only). Bad Company 2 was announced for PC as far back as May-2009
SOURCE: DICE today announced Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The dedicated server debacle with MW2 started later in the year.


We talk about our dream jobs in the gaming industry: what positions would we aspire to?

Stef you mentioned level design. If yourself or any TOGgers have anything they've made and would like advertised or tested etc etc then have a look at the TOG-made maps and mods thread (note, thread's a work-in-progress).

Ash, thanks for informing me about Garry's Mod being a set of tools that can used to create mods for Source engine games. For some reason I thought it was a playable mod for Half Life 2! You also said you would like to be a concept artist and were impressed with the Bioshock stuff. I recently bought this game from Steam after a second look at the demo and it's now another one on my to-pay list! A game that actually utilised their concept art in the final release was Borderlands and it works well with this game in my opinion. Many mistook this for cel-shading.

I'd like to be a beta tester. Search for bugs and exploits and playtesting.
Here's some of the things I've been involved in..
-private beta testing of many Enemy Territory maps, eg.
---Raw Castle
---Base 12
---CAHA: Tavern
---The Lighthouse
-waypoint testing for the FritzBot mod
-invited to closed beta of Enemy Territory Quake Wars
-UT2004 BotManager mod by FlakMagnet

Thanks again for another great Podcast!
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