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Default Backup PS3 Old > PS3 Slim

My son has decided he would like to have his PS3 Slim back but wants to get his protected content from the old PS3 to the new slim the main reason he went with the old PS3 in the first place.

To compound this we will also change out the 250GB and 500GB HD's from one system to another.

So this weekend we are going to do a mammoth task of making it happen.

Since Firmware 3.15 we have had the ability to move protected content from one PS3 to another.

We intend to test this out tomorrow, Sunday 7th March 2010.

The setup:

PS3 Old with an external HD connected
PS3 Slim with an external HD connected.
USB Flash drive for Firmware Update.
LCD TV with 2 HDMI connections.

The plan:

Step One

Backup PS3 Old to external HD (overnight Sat)
Backup PS3 Slim to external HD (overnight Sat)
Download and setup USB flash drive with current firmware 3.15

Step Two

Copy Save files from PS3 Slim to USB Flash Drive. (no protected content)
Connect PS3 Old to PS3 Slim via a network cable
Tell PS3 Old to transfer to other system.
Tell PS3 Slim to transfer from other system.
PS3 Slim wiped of content.
PS3 Old content transferred to PS3 Slim.
PS3 Old Protected content deleted from PS3 Old

Step Three

Transfer PS3 save files from Flash drive to PS3 Old.

Safety Check

Confirm transfers have taken place correctly on both machines.
If not then a full restore can be done hence why we did backups on both console.

Step Four

Backup PS3 Old to external HD
Backup PS3 Slim to external HD

Step Five

Swap the HD's over between the PS3's.

Step Six

Reformat and install current Firmware both consoles

Step Seven

Restore HD's with backups.

Step Eight

Test both machines to ensure save files, games etc all work.

Okay so wish us luck and I will post our progress as the day goes.

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