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Update One.

It is and made harder by our first setback.

We have 2 external HD setups.

The first is an iomega 1TB fixed unit.
The second is a unit which allows 2.5 and 3.5 HD's to be slotted into it.

The first unit had a large number of files requiring transfer firstly to one of our main computers. Then we tried to formate the HD from NTFS to fat 32 and swissknife would not allow it. No matter what we tried it refused to allow us to make the HD in iomega a 32 fat file system.

The second unit allowed us to format the 3.5 250GB HD easily with swissknife to 32 fat file system. We then put it to work on backing up PS3 Old overnight.

Then I remembered we still had the 2.5 120GB original HD from the slim. So this morning I managed to format this and it's currently backing up the slim now.

We are now delayed by the fact it took so long to get both units backed up and by the fact later today backup and restore functions will be through one external HD unit, Steps Four and Steps Seven.

As you know if you don't want to loose any content it takes 2 - 4 hrs per backup depending on the size of the HD.

I guess no MAG for me tonight.

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