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Originally Posted by maggot_bag View Post
thanks A_1 for your help.
is there any special setup required for the external hdd aswell?

if possible, i will back-up both the PS3 & the a PC on the same hdd.

dick smiths had a 1TB WD external hdd for $140. that should be ample disc space for both.
JB Hifi Have an external (USB) Seagate 1tb drive for $129. I just bought one on the weekend. They also have a 1.5Tb model.

Before you use any external HDD on a Playstation3, you will have to format it to FAT32. Usually, they come formatted as NTFS out of the box. If you can't format it, goto and download swissknife.

Once that is done, you can use it on your PS3 and it will still work as it did on your PC.
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