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Message from RAVEN Command Incoming ...

Message as follows:

Attention Operatives of Lunatic Squad!

It has been exposed that VALOR and SVER forces are set for a major offensive this coming Wednesday 10-03-2010. Inside sources claim that their campaign will commence @ 19.30 hours Queensland time. (20.30 hours EST for NSW & VIC, 20.00 hours for SA)

All members of the infamous Lunatics have been ordered to their stations at this time to meet their contractual obligations to RAVEN!

We do not send our men in untrained. As such we have organized practice matches for this evening; Tuesday 09/03/2010 commencing at 18.30 QLD EST. This will be a live fire exercise with opponents that look extraordinarily like SVER and VALOR troops. All those that are available (and need the XP to respec) are encouraged to attend!

Acknowledge over ...

Message Ends
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