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If we have a specific day and time we are more likely to be their.

Last night was great.
Last night was a blast again. couple of questions. are we best suited to playing the smaller maps. as when things get busy on the bigger maps it does tend to get a bit laggy for me. whats other peoples connections like. when the going gets tough. and to be honest i'm just totally lost on the bigger maps. found some tips and explanations for the game modes

Squad leader
MAG Developer Tips: Squad Leader

Leadership roles
MAG Developer Tips: Leadership Roles

The sniper
MAG Developer Tips: Sniper

Rapid Assult
MAG Developer Tips: Rapid Assault

Field support
MAG Developer Tips: Field Support

Direct Action
MAG Developer Tips: Direct Action

MAG Developer Tips: Commando

The Skill tree
MAG Developer Tips: The Skill Tree

Domination Mode
MAG Developer Tips: Domination

Acquisition Mode
MAG Developer Tips: Acquisition

Sabotage Mode
MAG Developer Tips: Sabotage

Suppression Mode
MAG Developer Tips: Suppression

Veteran Mode Explanation
Veteran Mode: An Explanation

I'll be looking over the modes to try and get a grasp of what i sould be doing in the game

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