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I played it for the first time last night ... I have mixed feelings.

The single player is great (although fade to black every cut screen is a bit much) and I am enjoying that.

I tried multi-player and I ended up "rage quitting"

This game has a lot of potential but two things struck me early on ... It is not MAG (Very different play style) and the early levels are going to be tough as you only have the most basic of equipment vs those that have already gained 20 to 30 levels +

I literally spawned - died, spawned - died, rinse - repeat. I could only get into one game mode (others were empty?) so please don't take these comments as a review ... only a first impression.

I will continue with this game as I feel it has great potential, but I would really like to attempt multi-player again with a few TOGers along side
The multiplayer is heading the same way the the COD series has gone. for casual gamers it's hard to drop into a game with low xp points (or whatever they are called in BF3 BC) and have a fun time. have been reading around and the boosting thats going on is going to make me give this one up. enjoying the Single player mode. as i said before after a couple of days people were up around the level 25 to 30. i doubt i will get anywhere near that sort of level before i become bored with the game. at least in MAG you can stay alive a little bit longer after spawning. and i feel the team element in MAG is more solid. rather than the Audie Murphy mentality that goes on in some games
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