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I have been playing the pc version of Aliens vs Predator, I have not tried to play online yet.

At first the game seemed a bit sluggish, so I changed a few options ie turn off motion blur etc, then there was an improvement.
You have to configure the controls for each species.

The pc version you could not continue from previous saves in offline mode, how annoying that was ( now has been fixed with a patch).

The controls are still not as good as they should be ie when playing as an alien and you come to a door when you are on the roof you have to press another key to go through as well as the forward key.

The Predator jump is not accurate.
The pulse rifle for the marine is not accurate as it should be, ammo is also quite limited. The default weapon keeps changing when you change levels.

The frame rate drops when there are a few other marines close by, with other games I have played I never had this issue.

Just a few of my gripes so far .

I am currently doing the marine missions , just got to the refinery , where you have to hack the door and you get attacked by a mob of aliens.

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