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Guys first off. You know I love you guys, but THIS GAME IS NOT MAG.

So coming from a gamer who has not played MAG, I love this game. MP is better that MW2 cause it relies heavily on teamwork. Maps are WAY BIGGER, and sound effects are superb. Like Myst said, ALWAYS join a squad. You get more points by getting kill assists, resupplying and whatnot.

This game is brilliant ESPECIALLY when you are on coms with someone. Firemedic and I had some GREAT games while we were on a squad together. since we were on coms. Communication is key and we DOMINATED.

Vehicles are great, and unlocking weapons is generally easy. I find myself doing quite well against players of higher levels. Sniping is preferred for me, since the maps are so much bigger. You have motion sensors to alert you to enemy presence nearby, and you can call in mortar strikes. I unlocked all of that plus 4 different sniper rifles and I am only on level four.

Levels mean nothing in this game, its the experience. And that can be greatly achieved just by joining a squad.

Great game. Maybe MAG is better, but I'll never know.
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