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Single Player:

Story 8.5/10: Although it is the usual go against your superior's, be betrayed by someone, and save the world; the presentation of the usual story is superb. Atleast the weapon threatening the USA, and the means to provide the downfall of the USA was original. The main story is too short thought, but atleast the characters make it enjoyable enough for more than one playthrough. I must give kudo's for the beginning tutorial, as it places you in the mission that is the background for the story.

Graphics 9/10: Simply put . . . beautiful. The jungles are lush and green with swaying trees and moving sun rays and spectacular shadows. The winter enviorments are amazing with the depiction of snow around buildings, moutains, stairs etc.. Deserts made me feel hot with the sun shining bright and relfecting off the sand and huge sand dunes. What really amazed me was the blowing snow and sand, which makes sniping or long range shooting tactical. I am sure they may be better graphics on one game or another but I really fell in love with the look of this game.

Sound 10/10: UNBELIEVEABLE. I have never played a game with sounds as amazing, realistic and sharp as this game. The first hour or two of game play had me jumping out of my socks at the gunfire or explosions coming through the surround sound. I am still amazed this game is on dvd (360 version) because blu-ray sound is usually the best but the sound fromt he game surpasses any blu-ray I have heard.

Difficulty 8/10: With some spots of difficulty I would say it is not that difficult. I easily finished the campaign on Medium, and I am having no problems with Hard. It does have difficult spots that may take more than one try though, but nothing to frustrating.

Multiplayer: 25-30 hours of gametime:

Ease of getting in the game 8/10: Fairly easy. There are several modes to choose from, several maps to choose from and you have the option of being specific in your search or opting to find any game in each category. Shortly after release there was / has been some connectivity issues, but rarely have I had no connectivity.

Interactions 8.5/10: Controlled is the best way to put it. Although you could technically spawn camp, it is / would be difficult due to the game mechanics. During your first few hours of MP it will feel like everyone is spawn camping, but after you get the feel of the game play you will understand that it is more of bad timing / bad luck. As far as voice / chat , not many use the voice and if you dont wnat to listen to the kids run their mouth / sing you can unplug the headset and play without fear of being kicked.

Fun factor (including difficulty) 8/10: In the beginning you will definitely feel overwhelmed and possibly frustrated. However after a little work over a few hours you will begin to march up the ranks. There are 5 diffrent classes and your rank to level up. All points go towards your rank, where as only points scored using your class go to class leveling up. Conquest and Rush modes can be dizzying due to being overwhelmed but squad deathmatch is 4 diffrent squads out to kill each other (every squad for themselves) so the concentration isnt just on your squad. As you level up you unlock spec. items, weapons etc.. I find the septup very rewarding and fun. The competition is pretty fierce and I sometimes find myself irritated due to being slaughtered relentlessly. Playing with friends and joking over voice helps in maintaining vigilance lol. Class difficulty would be something like . . . Recon: Hard; Medic: Medium; Assault: Easy; Engineer: Medium; Vehicles: Hard.

Mechanics 8/10: Battle mechanics appear consistent. Sniping halfway across the map doesnt give a lot of bullet drop, but using a 12x scope and sniping further than halfway will have you factoring a click above the head. Sniping moving targets requires you to lead the target aka bullet flight speed. If you hold the trigger down on a machine gun its gonna do nothing but spray everything but your target. RPG's drop over distance etc..

Overall thoughts 8.5/10:

Overall I find this game is a complete package and worth buying. The game is fun, strategic, tactical, slightly customizable and competative . Although the single player is a bit short (but sweet) and the multiplayer frustrating to get started against people with time already in; I feel it is worth it. The graphics and sounds along with classes and customization through spec items makes the enjoyment of multiplayer much higher than the frustration. It is possible to have private matches but you need 8 players, so that could be an answer to your frustration. I may not make games for a living, but I have sure played my fair share! And I give this game two thumbs up .
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