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Update Four.

Completed Step Four last night for both machines.

This morning I swapped out the HD's which only took 10min. Very easy to do once you have done it once before. Step Five complete.

Step Six issues:

PS3 Old was perfect. Recognised the HD suggested I format it then booted into the XMB. The PS3 Old retains the firmware as it has more flash RAM then the slim.

PS3 Slim was a pain. PS3 slim required the firmware to be available before it would format the HD. It had issues with my USB flash drive but we had a few on hand so was able to finally overcome the problem. The HD was formatted and then the Firmware installed.

Step Seven:

PS3 Old took around 2 hrs to restore the contents. 80GB backup image, 111GB of content.

PS3 slim is still restoring after 6hrs but all looks good so far.

Step Eight completed on the PS3 Old. Will complete Step Eight on the slim later tonight but I don't expect any problems.

Well I have to say it's been fun and it was interesting to see some of the major differences between the older and newer machines.

I think I prefer the older machine overall but that is obviously my own opinion.

Hope this helps anyone else who might be considering a similar upgrade.

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