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the more i play multiplayer the less i'm liking it. usual twats spawning on vehicles and then tacking off with no one else on board. do medics actually do anything in this game ? havn;t been revived once. just seems a long time between action. maybe have been spoilt with the relentless action thats going on in MAG. as for the servers they seem to be down more than they are up. don't think i will get it on PS3.
You're right mate. It seems as though no one is team oriented in this game. Which is sad, because the pushes teamwork. BUT, if you get on with Toggers like Firemedic and I were, it's constant team playing.

Fire was running the medic while I was running the assault class (able to throw ammo boxes), and even though we didn't win the round we had great fun. And I think we came in second and there was only two of us on our squad! Everyone else had four!

We were held down in one house for most of the round, Fire constantly reviving or giving me health and me keeping us supplied.

Being on a squad is KEY. And if you have a squad of four, it would be important to have one of each class.

The squads and the teamwork is what makes it fun.

I would absolutely LOVE to play a few rounds with a squad full of Toggers on coms.

Guaranteed we would dominate for sure.
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